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February 2011



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Feb. 10th, 2011

There's no place like home

I have returned from my week long journey to new york, now a jaded traveller as every flight seemed to go terribly wrong. However my time at Cornell was completely wonderful, some of the best ever. Having returned home I now feel lost. After high school while everyone went far far away to college I stayed behind, content with the idea of having my college experience right here in Seattle. Unfortunately all the UW gave me has been 1.5+ years of being alone, isolated and quite unhappy, which is closely related to my wanting to transfer so bad.
Basically, I don't feel at home at home at all. I don't want to be here, I want to be somewhere else. I'm not sure where. Wanderlust? Maybe, not really, I just want a different life and I don't want it here. All I want is a few close friends and to take classes in things I'm interested in. Almost everyone I know has exactly that, it doesn't seem like an impossible feat. 
Maybe I'm just in a bad mood from the flights.

Feb. 4th, 2011


Helloooo loyal readers! It's your boy me, waiting by the gate for a flight which leaves in 85 minutes. The math there is likely wrong. I just ate a bagel sandwich and feel much less like shit! Not that my hunger for shit is ever all that deep or insatiable. But a bagel is usually preferable. Unless I'm in one of "those" moods (THE SHIT EATING ONES). I effectively did not sleep last night, which has the effect of making me feel tired, and that's a direct quote from science himself. This woman next to me I spoke to last night, she also got fucked over by Ithaca Airport's aircrew. JESUS HICKORY CHRISTOPHER it is cold, the door is open for people to get off of the plane. Anyway, they lost her luggage too or something. Double fucked! At least my first flight went well, male fanciers aside. I am also quite grateful I did not have to sleep in the airport because I got a shower and a bed, both of which ROCK. Tonight I will have a much better shower and a much better bed. Fingers crossed!

Feb. 3rd, 2011

You said it!

 I'm going to Ithaca tomorrow! How cool is that! Very is the answer. I think Conan should interview fewer celebrities. My favorite of his interviews was with an awkward "bread expert" who he ridiculed without mercy. What should my next project be? My hordes of readers should post suggestions!